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Inventory quantities are subject to prior sales. Lead time weeks shown for inventoried materials pertain to the amount of time required to deliver the material should it become out of stock.


The LEAD TIME is in weeks, on a best effort basis, after receipt of an order at Westinghouse with complete information. Prices and Lead Times are based on standard delivery. Improvement of delivery can be negotiated upon order placement with Westinghouse, however any request for shipment in less time than offered may result in a price increase. The actual shipment schedule will be acknowledged upon order placement.


Parts with the same part number may not be interchangeable in all applications. 10CFR21 applicability and other requirements, such as environmental qualification or ASME code, may be specific to the application of the part. Please contact the Westinghouse Parts Business with any questions concerning interchangeability of parts procured from Westinghouse.

The "Entry Date" is the date the Sales Order was created on SAP. The "Original Promise Date" is the date calculated by SAP through the build up of standard lead times in SAP. The "Scheduled Ship Date" is the anticipated date the item will be available for shipment, FOB point of shipment. The "Shipped Date" is the date the item has been picked up by designated carrier.

Other than the "Entry Date" and the "Shipped Date", the dates provided are best effort estimates only.  Westinghouse assumes no liability for any deviations, whether earlier or later, that may occur.


 Conditions of Web Site Use:

  • This information is applicable for the procurement of parts and components from Westinghouse Electric Company, (using the latest revisions of procedures NSNP 8.3 and the Westinghouse Quality Systems Manual).
  • Westinghouse assumes no responsibility when this information is used to obtain parts and / or services from other sources.
  • Inventory quantities are subject to prior sales.
  • Material Prices are generally unavailable each Sunday from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST.